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Chizuru should be used to feeling like an outsider by now. After all, she was an outsider for most of her life. An oni didn’t belong with humans, yet a werewolf didn’t belong with oni either. She had always been alone, ever since that terrible day, where her entire family was slaughtered.
In fact, a lot of what had happened to her could be traced back to that terrible day. If what her father had guessed was true, Chizuru would have never fled the village, never ran into the gapping mouth of a monster. And yet…

She couldn’t hate her mentor.

Thinking back, Chizuru found she couldn’t remember much of what her mentor had looked like. He had been thin, she remembered, disheveled in appearance with dirt covering his entire body. She couldn’t remember the sound of his voice, nor his hair or eye color. She didn’t remember details, yet she remembered everything he had taught her.

“An alpha must always protect his omega.”

His omega… That’s what she had been. When he had bitten her in his werewolf form, he had created the alpha bond, a special werewolf link that tied the biter to the bitten. Perhaps it was the universe’s way of apologizing for the werewolf’s curse, or perhaps it was another sick joke someone was pulling. Either way, the alpha bond had, for Chizuru, been her saving grace. She would have died alone, unprotected, lost to her instincts and confusion, without her mentor’s guiding hand.
When he had died, however, she had learned something else about the alpha bond. It would break at the moment of death, freeing the omega from the alpha’s servitude forever. But that broken link would break something inside the werewolf. Until the omega finds a new alpha, they become a rogue, a lone wolf, plagued with feelings of isolation. And should a werewolf form a new alpha bond, the bond will be stronger, psychic even. Which means, if that bond would break… the werewolf’s heart would break, too.

Of course, this entire business over the alpha bond made sense, in retrospective. Chizuru had lost her alpha, and in turn, she was a rogue werewolf. Loneliness never truly left her heart, even when she tried to consider her adoptive father as her new alpha. It wasn’t the same, though. A werewolf couldn’t imprint on a human; it simply didn’t work like that. Try as she might to ignore the cold, she could only find true relief in front of a burning fire.

“Oi, Chizuru, what are you doing outside your room?”

Chizuru recognized that voice instantly. It was youthful and light-pitched, belonging to none other than Heisuke. However, rather than sounding cheerful and energetic like he usually sounded like, his tone was sharp, demanding, the tone used by a captain issuing orders.

Or an alpha commanding his omega.

Shaking her head, Chizuru straightened from her kneeing position on the floor, holding the wet rag up for him to see. “Inoue-san gave me permission to clean.”

He blinked, gapping at her. “You’re cleaning?”

Chizuru shrugged passively. “Since I’m staying here, I hoped I could be less of a burden and do some things around the place. Besides, today has such nice weather…”

She actually meant that statement, despite how generic it sounded. A werewolf needed open air, and with her being cooped up in her room a majority of the time, her only time to leave her room of her own will was under the full moon. And that had been half a month ago. She still had two weeks to wait for the next moon, yet she felt like she was becoming claustrophobic. The Wolf hated enclosure, so when she was allowed by Inoue to clean, she had worked hard on making him feel safe with her being outside her room alone for an extended period of time.

Hopefully, with this, she could begin negotiating with the captains on letting her help look for her father. She knew her father’s scent well. If she was just given a day, she could track him down by scent alone.

It seemed Heisuke suspected something. He had been watching her the entire time, his teal eyes sharp and observant. Despite the first vibe he had given her, he was indeed worthy of the title, “Captain.” Frowning, Heisuke placed one hand on his hip. “You’re definitely on the weird side. You couldn’t convince me to clean even if you paid me.” Shaking his head, he shrugged. “Either way, you shouldn’t do stuff like this if all you want is for us to treat you better and trust you. It’s pointless to try. You’d be better off if you stayed in your room and kept quiet.”

The words broke the tiny shred of hope she just began to work together. The Wolf, in turn, snarled, clawing from deep within her mind. Although her mental defenses were stronger than half a month ago, where she began to hallucinate horrible things happening to the captains, especially Okita, she couldn’t help but desire the taste of blood at that moment.

Still, though, she couldn’t allow those words to break her spirit. She knew when she entered this compound that no one was on her side, no matter how nice they were. They made it clear they would kill her at the drop of a hat.

And she was prepared to kill them in turn. The Wolf hungered for their blood, and it hungered for freedom. The Wolf would not be denied either of those things, not now, not ever.

Straightening her shoulders a bit, she met Heisuke’s gaze sternly. “And I know that. That’s not the reason why.” In truth, it wasn’t just in hopes of getting  the captains to trust her to help look for her father.

When Heisuke quirked an eyebrow up, she continued, “The reason I wanted something to do was because I’m stuck here. I can’t look for my father. With each day, I worry more and more about him. That’s why I want to leave this place as soon as I can…” She bowed her head, murmuring softly, “I want to find him.”

Silence followed shortly afterward. Chizuru was rather impressed with her ability to keep her cool and not let The Wolf come roaring out. What really surprised her, though, was Heisuke’s reaction.
“Uh… um.” He trailed off, looking everywhere but her, dancing a little on his feet. She noticed a bottle of sake in his other hand, and that’s when Heisuke held it up towards her. “T-then here! You can have my sake! You know what they say; sake washes the worries away!”

Chizuru blinked before shaking her head. “Thank you for the thought, Heisuke-kun, but I can’t drink sake.”

“Huh?” Heisuke really looked confused at this point. Chizuru felt a little bad in refusing the offer, but there was more than just modesty preventing her from accepting his gift. Even if he had offered her a drink at night, she would still refuse, as werewolves and alcohol just never mixed well. If you were lucky enough to drink a shot and not vomit, you’ll certainly suffer motion sickness and other unpleasant symptoms.

She smiled at him, trying to be reassuring. “It’s not much of a choice, really. I get sick really easy.” That explanation seemed to sink in better, with Heisuke looking away with a blush on his cheeks. “I-I see. Sorry to hear that…”

“It’s fine.” She frowned a bit, her brow furrowing. “But, Heisuke-kun, may I ask why you’re carrying a bottle of sake around? It’s only afternoon—”

It was then their conversation was interrupted by Sannan, who informed Heisuke Hijikata wanted to see him. The young captain left reluctantly, looking like he wanted to stay a little longer, but Chizuru reassured since Sannan was there, she would fine. When he left, she asked Sannan what Hijikata wanted with Heisuke, only to be shocked to find out Heisuke was in trouble.

Sannan left shortly thereafter, but not without stating his suspicions on why Heisuke bothered to check on Chizuru. While the words were meant to make her feel better, it only made her feel miserably, remembering how, not too long ago, she had imagined burying Heisuke’s decapitated head, back when she was suffering from werewolf induced visions.
“So, that’s what happened.”

Her father, his back turned, spoke those words softly, bowing his head. Chizuru bit her lower lip, eyes focused on the floor.

“Yes, sir.” She heard him sigh, rub the back of his bald head before speaking again.

“I can’t say I’m not surprised. For you to know remember nothing, yet you know just what you are.” Nodding to himself, he continued, chuckling, “Although, you didn’t have a name for yourself, nor what you are, you managed so well.”

She nodded. Of course it was surprising, all things considered. She had no memory of her past, her earliest childhood memories wiped clean. She didn’t know her own name, yet she knew what she was, even without having a name to call it. She had also managed to survive five months on her own, wandering as a small child through thick forests and wide groves, all the while avoiding detection. Well, until Kodo accidently, and quite literally, had Chizuru fall into his arms from a tree.

Kodo began to speak again, breaking her from her thoughts; “Even with that knowledge, you must never share this with anyone else. Understand? Even your fellow oni will not protect you if they know of your condition.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to it.”

And it was the truth. She had hidden the truth so long from her adoptive father anyway. It was really child’s play to continue to hide the truth.

“That also means no more nightly runs under a full moon. I know it will be hard at first, but you must stay inside when you transform. Promise me that.”

Chizuru’s voice was robotic when she replied, completely lacking in emotion. “I understand.”

That seemed to make Kodo happy, as his shoulders relaxed. He finally turned his head to look her directly in the eye. “Then, in return, I promise to find a cure for your condition. Until then, please be patient with me.”
Her earliest memory could best be described as a nightmare.

Claws, fangs, fur, the scent of copper, screaming, wailing, snarling. Her senses were overloaded with information, her mind confused, her body in pain. Everything was spinning, and nothing made sense at this moment.

Blurs faded in and out of view, until finally she could no longer see the pale white moon above her head.

Much like the moon above her head right now. Not quite full yet, she could still feel its power sweeping through her veins, twisting within and empowering her small stature. A part of her wished for it to be full, to unleash her power unto her foes instead of fleeing from them. A monstrous, rage-fueled entity she only knew as The Wolf.

Yet another part of her was glad. She'd hope to arrive in Kyoto a few days before the full moon had come, so she had time to find a temporary place to hide while under the moon's spell. She had also hoped to find her father shortly thereafter, yet what little of her plan she had bothered to make was snatched from her hands from the untimely arrival of rogues only known as ronin.

Keeping her breathing steady, she leaned further back against the wall, eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of her pursuers. Opening her mouth a bit, she sniffed the air cautiously, only for her heart to stop seconds later. A scream followed shortly thereafter, causing her heart to hammer against her chest.
The Unfortunate Werewolf Preview
Her life changed completely that night. Her life was spared, yet she was also cursed. Now she must carry a horrible secret for the rest of her life, knowing she is balancing on a thin rope between humanity and the madness of the beast within. Little does she know that that night years ago not only changed her own life, but every person she ever knew as well.
The running water from the shower had a cooling effect on his body. It relaxed and soothed him, returning thought to his brain. When he was certain he had driven all pervasion from his mind, he switched the cold water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a towel from the towel rack, he wrapped it around his waist, securing it before stepping into the bedroom of his apartment.

Eying the place warily, he felt a slight sense of relief when he noticed that Saber had not gotten up and came into the bedroom, nor, did it appear, was she wandering the apartment, he discovered as he made his way quickly into the living room. Poking his head around the corner, Gilgamesh allowed a sigh of relief leave his lips as he noticed Saber sleeping peacefully on the couch where he had left her.

Slipping back into his room, he put on a fresh shirt and a pair of pants before returning. Saber was still fast asleep and, remarkably, she also seemed to have drank the water he gave her. Sitting down on the recliner adjacent of the sofa, Gilgamesh finally allowed his body to relax, tense muscles reluctantly uncoiling.

He didn't know when he closed his eyes or when he drifted off; however, Gilgamesh did recall waking up when he heard a soft moan somewhere near him. Creaking one eye open, he silently watched Saber twist and turn on the sofa.

Perhaps he wasn't as sober as he thought. That, or his irregular sleeping patterns were finally getting to him. Either way, he sighed, that nagging little voice, what was left of his conscience, maybe, telling him he couldn't leave her on the couch. Despite the couch being made of one of the finest material, it was still too narrow to serve as a make-shift bed. Getting off the recliner, Gilgamesh slowly moved towards the couch. He hoped that he could carry her to his bedroom without waking her up, as he did not want a repeat of earlier.

Carefully, he slipped his left arm into the small gap between the couch and her neck. With equal caution, he cradled her legs with his right arm. Picking her up, Gilgamesh shifted his gaze from his task to Saber's face. She didn't stir much, until he held completely in his arms. She didn't open her eyes, thankfully; instead, she sighed and snuggled up against him, causing heat to once again rush to a place he'd rather not. Swallowing the large frog that had started to lodge in his throat, his pace quickened slightly, wanting to get to the bedroom as fast as possible.

When he arrived, he set her down on the bed, placing her head on one of the many pillows. Grabbing one of the throws on the bed, he pulled it on top of her, and once he was sure she hadn't been woken up, he grabbed the waste bin and placed it beside the bed, near Saber's head.

Straightening up, Gilgamesh gazed down at the young woman. He would probably need to grab another bottle of water and some pain killers for when she woke up. Judging by how she behaved, she had hammered to the point of stupid, and she would wake up with the worst of hangovers known to mankind.

Retrieving said items from the little kitchenette and placing them at the bedside, Gilgamesh then took a seat at the chair at the desk in his bedroom. Resting his chin on his fist, he crossed one leg over his lap and continued to watch Saber sleep. While it appeared she hadn't been drugged, he wasn't going to take any chances. Of course, the sensible thing most people would have done is take her to the hospital.

But hospitals had always been a sort of place that Gilgamesh would rather avoid. Besides, he had at least two doctors on call he could holler for if he thought something was wrong. Not only that, he had not only dabbled in law and psychology, but also medical school (even if it didn't hold his attention as much as the former two).

Yes, Gilgamesh was a true renaissance man, exploring everything mankind knew about as much as long as it held his attention. While he might not have a head for many sports, anything that involved the mind would instantly be soaked in, and he never forgot anything he learned.

Still, watching her until he could confirm everything was fine would mean he had to stay awake, and if he recalled it not being thirty minutes when he suddenly dozed off.

That meant, if he didn't want to risk suddenly fall asleep, as he tended to do whenever he was either very stressed or tired, he would have to bring out that dreaded thing.

The thing he was referring to, as he got up with a sigh, hating every step he took to the little coffee maker on the bar. He hated this accursed drink every fiber of his being, yet he would not deny the powers the liquid held over his body as he prepped one pot. He was going to need a lot of coffee to get through the night, glancing back at the bedroom with a groan.


Fully caffeinated, Gilgamesh made his way back to the bedroom again (having peeked in while waiting for the coffee), this time with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Sitting down on the chair again and setting the mug on the desk, he opened the book at a place he had marked previously.

Pausing every few minutes to either drink from the mug or check on Saber, Gilgamesh found himself unable to keep his thoughts settled. His brain no longer running like crazy nor struggling with his id, he began to reflect on his own behavior.

It was this strange whirlwind of ups and downs, something he rarely ever experienced, with the exception of one individual. Just this afternoon he was at the park, arguing with Saber, and now here he was, her sleeping in his bed, him watching over her after finding out she had gotten drunk out of her mind.

Really, and what was the strangest thing was his ability to pull himself away from temptation. If there was one weakness Gilgamesh had (outside of pride), it was his libido. Never was there a woman he refused after having begun the game with her. When he started, he always intended on finishing.

Yet what compelled him to pull away? He was certain it wasn't any morality, so what could it be? His sense of pride? He was pretty sure, while he preferred women not to be drunk when he fucked them, that it had nothing to do with the alcohol. When his appetite was aroused, he was like a starving lion, just tasting all before him.

This whole pulling back was completely out-of-character for him. Eyes no longer focused on the text on the page before him, he found himself eyeing her sleeping form.

Oh, there was no doubt about it. He was a man and she was a woman. He indeed desired her as any other man would, after experiencing what he did.

… Well, to be perfectly honest, just possessing a vagina was enough to catch the attention of his little friend.

Shaking his head, he ran his hand through his blond locks with a loud sigh. Now, just being a woman wasn't enough to make him pursue her, of course; he had more taste than that. It's just that, there was a certain type of woman he preferred; strong-willed, spunky, outgoing, feminine, elegant, intelligent, level-headed, and, most importantly, she had to be interesting, period.

His eyes having refocused on Saber, he found a small smirk working its way onto his face. Thinking about it now, Saber seemed to fit many of the traits he had listed. Sure, she wasn't feminine, elegant, or even outgoing, but she had his interest, no doubt about it.

Funny, now that he thought about it, how he had been mad at her hours ago. It felt like a lifetime, that argument. And it's not like he can readily blame her for her feelings. After all, this was an arranged marriage, one that she really had no say, but it appeared that she really didn't mind the concept of arranged marriage.

He'd be a liar if he didn't already know that Saber just outright hated him. Sure, while he didn't understand just why she hated, but he wasn't blind. He guessed the main reason he found her so interesting was her willingness to be near him despite her own feelings. After all, in such a situation he would have ducked out of the relationship if he hated the individual he was arranged to marry, obligations be damned.

Saber turning in her sleep broke Gilgamesh from his thoughts momentarily. He only relaxed when she sighed contently, her small frame now practically hidden under covers. Setting the book down, Gilgamesh walked up to the bed to just get a peek at her face. It was then he caught sight of something that reminded him of his actions, at the crook of her neck.

A bright red hickey.

Pulling away with his brow furrowed and a frown forming on his lips, Gilgamesh wondered how he was going to explain that. He wasn't to lie; that simply wasn't in his nature. He would have to tread carefully in this minefield, otherwise she'll explode on him.

And that's if she remembered everything. There was the risk of her not remembering everything, which would definitely be a bother to deal with. If push comes to shove, he'll tell her the truth, even if it puts him in a bad light. Blame him all day long, but he had a code of conduct to follow himself; his word might as well be law.

Law..? The term stuck a cord in his mind, causing it to race. Rules. They had made a series of rules for their bet, didn't they?

"Of course," he murmured through a laugh, shaking his head in exasperation. One of the rules to their little game was no intercourse; how stupid. It made sense now.

Turning to look down at Saber, he smiled at her slyly. "Bless your stars I'm a stickler for rules, Arturia. But beware; I'm not letting this go."


Pain. That was all Saber knew when she began to wake up. Her head was throbbing, her body ached, her mouth felt disgusting… In fact, she felt disgusting period. Groaning loudly, she dared to crack one eye open, only to slam it shut as pain tore through her brain.

Why did it hurt so much? Why, oh why? It was only a few moments of waking up and trying to open her eyes when she felt a hand gently brush her forehead.

Irisviel? she thought in confusion. It can't be; she and the others are out at the moment. Was she dreaming?

Still, even if she was dreaming, she liked the feeling the hand was giving, as it gingerly touched her forehead with the back of the hand before dragging it down to the side of her face. Saber subconsciously sighed aloud, the pain still intense, but she did feel a little better with her current dream.

Just then, the hand moved away from her face, and she couldn't help feeling a slight ping of disappointment at the end of the treatment. But it didn't take long before more sensations, as the next thing she experienced was a damp cloth being placed on her forehead.

So nice, she thought, drifting more and more into the depth of her mind, relaxing completely.

She didn't know how long it was before the next dream sequence began, but this time she was no longer in bed. She was a couch, located in an empty space, with nothing but her and another individual. She couldn't even identify the other individual, just vague outlines of a male taller than her. He was staring down at her intently, however, which gave Saber a weird feeling in her stomach.

Some kind of strange compulsion causes her to lean towards the male, beckoning her further and further as she slowly began to realize how at ease she felt near this person.

Turning to face this individual, she parted her lips, part of her wanting to say something to him, but another part… another part wanted something more scandalous.

It seemed the other part won out, as she closed the distance between the two. He closes the rest of the gap quickly, pressing his lips against and taking her hand into his. She sighed into his lips, completely at home oddly enough near him, being intimate with him, not caring who caught them on their actions.

When she finally pulled away, it was then that color began to appear on the male figure, giving him the most beautiful golden hair she had ever seen. His scarlet eyes were like glittering rubies, gleaming in brighter than the sun itself. His skin was even golden, and beneath the tan shirt was a body perfectly sculpted by God Himself. His hands, strong and firm, still held her hand, gently, however.

Who are you, she wanted to ask, feeling a sense of familiarity beginning to rise inside her, but she was only offered a silent smile by the man.

And then the dream was over. Saber realized at that moment, blinking up at a pearly white ceiling, that she was now longer dreaming, as she became very painfully aware of the throbbing pain in her head. Groaning, she shut her eyes in disappointment. The dream she was having was so nice; she had wished it would continue. She had enough of reality at this point, what with her head hurting so much.

It was only when something rustled did she open her eyes again, looking around for the source of the noise. From both sides of her head, she saw nothing. That meant it was in front of her. Groaning loudly this time, she forced herself to sit up slowly, cradling her head as she did. Blinking rapidly, she blearily looked out at her surroundings, only to be greeted by a voice she knew too well, and, quite frankly, did not want to hear at this moment.

"Well, it's about time you got up."

Frowning, Saber cupped her head with both hands, bending down, not wanting to meet the golden haired bastard eye-to-eye. "What do you want, Gilgamesh?" she rasped, suddenly realizing how desperately she needed something to drink.

Then a thought struck her. Gilgamesh..? Why was she hearing Gilgamesh's voice here, of all places?

Shooting her gaze up, wanting to see for herself if it was true, or if her ears were playing tricks on her, caused her to meet the gaze of a Gilgamesh Shepherd, only to cradle her head again as pain shoot through her entire skull.

Arching a golden eyebrow, Gilgamesh scoffed. "Answers, for one thing," he replied, unphased. "You have a lot of explaining to do for your actions last night, Arturia."

"My actions?" she croaked out, confused.

"You do remember what happened yesterday, don't you? After our discussion at the water park?"

Discussion? More like a full blown fight. But either way, she struggled through her aching head to remember what exactly he was talking about.

Then realization hit her, like a bullet train.
All or Nothing (My Word is Law: Ch.10)

Title: All or Nothing

Author: Cecil Kain Cerberus

Characters (central focus): Fate/zero & stay night

Pairings: Gilgamesh/Saber main. Side pairings may or may not appear.

Rating: T, but it's definitely changing to M… someday. :3

Warnings for the reader: Golden sword pairing, what goes with the rating.

Setting: AU version of Fuyuki City along with past civilizations still up and running, like Uruk and Macedonia. Weird world, eh? :3

Summary: Arturia "Saber" Pendragon felt her life was coming to a crashing halt when she found herself engaged to the rich yet egotistical Gilgamesh. However, the golden haired man offers her an interesting gamble; become his girlfriend for an entire year, and if she doesn't fall in love with him in that time frame, then he will cancel the engagement himself and leave her life. To her, it's a no-brainer, as she has no desire to marry him. But for Gilgamesh and Saber, this "all or nothing" bet becomes far more than just a simple bet. Feelings can change, and before she knows it, Saber bites off more than she can chew, as does Gilgamesh.

Length: No clue. We're shooting for the stars, folks.

Genre: Romance. Lovely, mushy romance. With little hearts and kisses. 3

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Type Moon does. But if I did . . . well, let's just say some people would lose their sanity, while others would . . . erm . . . yeah.













United States

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