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“You might want to catch the far end of the exhibit every so often. Not too often, mind you. The one there, uh, Okita, he doesn’t like being watched. Heh, at least, that’s what the staff say.”

Okita, huh? I switched the camera to the location, eyeing the curtain covering the exhibit saying “SORRY OUT OF ORDER.”

What the hell? Why do they want me to watch an out-of-order robot? Before I even had a chance to ponder that, the chick, Sen, was her name, began to talk again.

“I actually forgot to disclose some information to you… uh, but corporate didn’t want me to say anything about it. Still, it’s probably something you should know. There was uh… an incident and—don’t worry, she’s alive, but… sorry, I’m not supposed to get choked up on this. It’s actually amazing how well the human mind can adapt after being cut in the head… yeah.”

What the hell? I could actually hear the emotion in her voice. So she was capable of feeling? Gee, and here I thought I was dealing with a corporate dog. Still…

To hear another person had nearly died because of these things… that truly terrified me.

A cold chill ran down my spine, and I watched the cameras again, vaguely away of Sen saying, “Well, I took up enough of your time. Keep up the good work, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!”

I had to survive the night.

I couldn’t fuck up.
Yukimura Kazuya (Tomo) by Evabeesmith by BloodofCerberus
Yukimura Kazuya (Tomo) by Evabeesmith
Commission done by :iconevabeesmith:. She did a beautiful job on Kazuya, and I obviously recommend her for anyone interested in commissioning her. You can find her here: EvaBeeSmith.

Profile for him coming soon.
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